A noob question, please help

What is the position limit for nq? I tried to google it but found nothing, thank you for your help.


At a certain point the amount of contracts the user can trade no longer obeys the day margin and instead starts being calculated based on the initial margin. I think it was 20 contracts. Although Tradovate recently went through a change in their margins and margin hours, and maybe the logic behind calculating position limit changed as well and this info is not up to date.

Thanks for answering mate.

Does that mean it depends on your capital? Let’s say if someone have 10 million dollars of capital, can he trade 100 contracts or more, or is there still a hardcap regardless of the capital?

Thank you for your help.

I’m not sure, I’ve never really tested limits with large account sizes. My demo account is capped at 50 contracts per product as far as I can tell but maybe this changes once the user reaches a larger account size? I’m guessing this cap could be deleted per user request. Maybe @BWeis can clarify?

Technically, it all depends on the size of your account…

Unless something has changed recently, the first 20 contracts are at day margin and then each contract above 20 will be at 50% initial margin.

Currently NQ day margin is $1,000.00 and initial is $17,380.00. So for example, you can trade 25 NQ contracts as long as you have more than $63,450.00 in the account.

The limit on MNQ works similarly but you are allowed 50 at day margin.

Thanks for your input my friend, much appreciated.
If I have a 200k account, do you think I can request to increase the limit?