MACD Crossover

New to Tradovate from ToS. Can anyone assist in helping me find or create a chart indicator that flags a MACD crossover, both bullish and bearish? (Tradovate looks like an awesome platform, so I’m really disappointed and frustrated that this common indicator wasn’t available.) Any help is greatly appreciated.

If I am not wrong you can find it out at “community indicators” at the right side of the desk.

The MACD is available as an indicator; however, I’ve been unable to locate a version that that plots a symbol with the bars when a bullish crossover occurs (usually an up arrow below the bar) or when a bearish crossover occurs (usually a down arrow above the bar).

You are right. Maybe could be useful the Tiki Elder Indicator -shows points/place of impulse

Thank you. I will check it out. Are you able to/interested in creating the indicator I described?

Well, I am no a software designer :-). But it is a very good indicator to have it in tradovate. I will have a look on how to create.

That would be great! I found a number of resources in the graphics tutorial on github, but i have no idea how to execute. Besides the MACD, i’m using the RSI in Laguerre Time indicator which plots dots on the crossover within the study. If it plotted them with the price bars, instead, it would be a good illustration perhaps of how to do what I’m looking for.

I will try with the code on the MACD Crossover.
On the other hand, about on how executing a code for any indicator you may find it out at community indicators and click on files; there it is possible to modify and share.

Me I do use MACD, ADI, Elder and several charts; renko, points and figures to determine the tendency. I honestly works very fine to me.

I’ve tried but with little success. Javascript is not easy for me to understand. I did a ton of work in ThinkSript…pretty user friendly. I just have a difficult time understanding the javascript construct. Plus, I’m not a programmer either.

The other problem with the MACD indicator is that the difference bars paint over the lines. Both lines should always paint over the histogram, otherwise crossovers are hidden. Also, the MACD line should paint over the signal line.

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I think the best option to us - as noone has skills on cumputing- is to use Tradingview as a help tool.
Please check the following links where macd indicators is shown on tradingview.