Lower study divergence indicator

Has anyone created a lower study in tradovate that draws arrows or lines on the study to plot when divergences are being created? I have one for ThinkorSwim but wasn’t sure if anyone had a headstart on this in Tradovate? Would love to not have to start from scratch if possible.

There are a few indicators, can you show an example?

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I’m under assumption that the divergence code could be repurposed on most lower studies. For example. In ToS I have one that was created for MACD but I have repurposed the divergence code onto RSI and it works just as well. I just didn’t know if there was anything like this on Tradovate already? I haven’t found it. Here is a picture for example. See how It plots a line for divergence on histogram as well as macd lines. This code in TOS can be altered to work on other lower studies quite well.