LDT - Colorful MA WonderCloud V2 - Visibility Bug


I found a bug with your version 2 of the “LDT - Colorful MA WonderCloud” indicator.

When using the “Visibility” option the rendering of the cloud stays frozen on the chart. You have to choose a different chart tab and then go back again to force the chart to refresh to remove the cloud.

Just so you know, your Version 1 of the indicator works as intended.

Hope this helps.


This is a bug with the Tradovate platform. v2 of the indicator uses the recently new Graphics API and the visibility toggle doesn’t always behave correctly. It just depends on the DisplayObject that is being drawn (text, lines, rectangles, circles, etc.). v1 uses a customPlotter, which is the original way of doing things and as you called out, works just fine.

@Alexander, can you verify this as a bug?