Initial Balance - Extension on both sides?

Hello, I saw Trevor Harnett on youtube and his Initial Balance extension goes 100% above and also 100% below the initial balance. When I try to duplicate this my extension only goes above the initial balance but not underneath it. Anyone know the solution for this? Thanks!!


What version number of the trader are you using?

I have the same issue. version is 1.210319.1

This is addressed in version 1.210326.0.

This version is currently released in the browser. The desktop version should be released 04/09/2021

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Excellent work
Looks like the bug was fixed.
The only thing missing is the Extension of the other TPO lines from the left of the current PRofile

Is the following chart intended to be like this as I can see the volume POC extends, but not the TPO POC, just for the current profile on the furthest right.

Looks like all others extend, except for the second one from the right