I wonder if anyone could help me with rewrite the indicator

I want use this indicator “chande kroll stop” on tradovate.

If anyone could give me a help?Thanks a million!

Hi Xinyong_Wang

I’ve made a port of this but don’t have a great way to verify the correctness vs the tradingview script you shared.

I’ve published the port as “p2f - Chande Kroll Stop” in the community indicators. Can you verify it for me and let me know if the results look right?

Many thanks

Thanks so much!

But it is not look right,you can see the picture.

Could you amend it?

Yep, looking into it

Hi @Xinyong_Wang I’ve updated the indicator. It looks like the original script you linked to had a typo in it… instead of

first_low_stop = lowest(high, P) + x * atr(P)

I found it should have read

first_low_stop = lowest(low, P) + x * atr(P) 

I also had accidentally left an intermediate value as the output instead of the final stop values.

I’ve used the “Share Changes” button for this indicator to share the updates, but there may be a delay. Look for a last updated date of June 21st. If you don’t see an update soon, let me know.

Hey @BWeis is the above ^^ method the right way to publish updates to an existing custom indicator?

@Xinyong_Wang I’ve noticed there are some very minor, very slight differences in the trading view chart you recently shared and what the updated indicator is showing, and I believe this has to do with the moving averages being used for the ATR.

Here’s a picture for the ES using P = 10, X = 2, and Q = 9

Now it is right.

I’m so grateful for all that you’ve done. :laughing:

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