I am not able to get Symbol Data

Hi @Alexander is there any update on this issue? I’ve been trying to retrieve data from the api, but I’m having the same error

“errorText”: “Symbol is inaccessible”,
“errorCode”: “UnknownSymbol”,

for NQZ2

Messaged them about this yesterday and initially was told I had to register as a data distributor and pay the professional rates with CME. Received a corrected update though with the following message…

We called the CME again, and they issued a correction saying that if a user is currently classified as a non-professional, they can continue paying the non-professional rates . Regarding registering with the CME as a data distributor, you would still need to do this if you haven’t - please email CME sales (CMEDataSales@cmegroup.com) and inform them that you are using the Tradovate API and therefore require registering with the CME as a data distributor. Once we receive confirmation from the CME that this has been applied for you, we can enable the API access for your user again.

Sorry for the confusion.


I spoke with the Director of Global Account Management at CME Group this morning directly over the phone. He is aware of the issue with Tradovate’s developer clients and has escalated the issue within CME Group.

He gave me the following email address to report the issue with:



They are asking for $320 for getting the license. Has anyone registered to this yet and got their account activated?

Their fees aren’t even consistent as they want to charge me more than you Rohit. Tradovate says no increase if not a professional and then CME just told me they require $390/m for data on ES and NQ. This honestly makes no sense.

Sorry. They were asking for $390. That was a typo.

The $390/mo to CME is consistent with what I was quoted and I am in the process of getting the license. Initially, I was told that I would be paying Tradovate the professional data fee too, but I guess from the last comments that I can continue as non-professional with Tradovate as long as the license with CME is in place. Only ActiveTick seems to be a bit cheaper at $205/mo for the tick stream…

I was quoted the following from CME Data Sales:

A $310/month fee/per exchange, along with a indirect access fee of $520/month/per exchange for receiving the feed from Tradovate.

I will be taking my business elsewhere. Likely Barchart.com.

I am disappointed in Tradovate for this entire experience. I thought they could be my data provider for years to come.

I encourage all my fellow dev trader peers in this thread to hop ship as well. We got the shit end of the stick with this one.


Looks like Tradovate pulled the rug and didn’t bother to openly notify their clients about this change. Disappointed with Tradovate on multiple levels:

  1. choppy platform at times
  2. service issues lasting hours which could easily blow up anyone’s account
  3. terrible market fills outside of actual market data
  4. non-existent phone support, just the number with no one to speak with
  5. and now this… Now I have to pretend as a professional trader, distributing market data and pay $400/mo just to get started using their API.

This joint will close down at some point.

Has anyone tried Interactive Brokers?

Active Tick look like a good option. What has your experience been with them so far? Thanks for sharing!

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I subscribed to activetick yesterday and started using their market data api today. So far I’ve tested their historical tick data and real time streaming tick data and both are working fine. I can’t comment on the accuracy of the data yet but the api is straightforward and the documentation seems to be accurate. See: ActiveTick MarketFeed API Reference

For futures tick data you need their professional MarketFeed subscription ($99.95/month) plus the cme exchange fee which is $105/month.

Sorry I can’t offer much more than that but at least activetick seems to deliver as promised where tradovate does not.


I just evaluated ActiveTick’s MESZ2 feed and they unfortunately aggregate individual trades that happen very close together in time. If there were trades of size 1, 1, 2, 1 all within a few milliseconds of each other, ActiveTick reports a single trade of size 5. Interactive Brokers also does this which is why I turned to Tradovate’s API in the first place. Tradovate did not aggregate the tape.

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Curious if anyone on the thread was able to restore the Tradovate API service yet on a non-professional license?

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I told support that CME has still not replied to me and I wanted to know how much I would have to pay and if there was further clarification they could provide about the steps to get access to the API. They just told me to contact CME and left it at that.

I think I will probably try Rithmic and move on.

Have you raised this with support?

I didn’t because I run a fully automated trading system whereas this FAQ is about semi-automated systems.

Has anyone tried TradeStation? It looks like they have an HTTP-based API, which is news to me.

Regarding Tradestation only cons is you need $10 K. Do someone know if some of the leaders are still working in here??? I have tried to reach them about this incredible issue and they are not answering

Thank you all for the information on alternatives. I’ve been shocked that Tradovate did not release documentation on how to get reconnected and even more shocked nobody at Tradovate has come in to do some PR on this thread over 9 days. I will also be exploring alternatives and will start with some of the above mentioned options.