I am not able to get Symbol Data

I’m seeing this as well for ESZ2 as of 3:10PM EST.

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I was just notified by Support that I need classify as professional and data distributer to continue using the API…

John K.Nov 1, 2022 7:24 PM

No you’ll have to register as a data distributor. Please use the CME contact form at the bottom of that page, and let the CME know you’d like to register as a data distributor for access to data on Tradovate’s API.

John K.Nov 1, 2022 7:25 PM

Yes you’d have to be classified as a professional rather than non-pro going forward, unfortunately

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Has someone figured out what all is involved with getting API access back?

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Support confirmed you need professional status with the CME to continue using the api. I’m not sure if this is a new industry-wide policy from CME or just a change in Tradovate policy. I have not seen similar communication from other brokers.

Communication has been poor- there’s no documentation or formal notification about this.


No communication and the switch to professional means that they will charge more for the data (confirmed by support):

i could… but to access it requires masquarading as the desktop app and possibly breaking some rules. i want to do it the right way. i am working in my app to switch data providers as a backup.

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It would be nice to get some information from official sources regarding this.
I also haven’t been able to subscribe to market data since the start of the month and haven’t seen anyone in this thread have any success.



i was told same thing by chat and email from tradovate. have to file as distributor with cme then they can fix the data access. they have custom licenses like for private use in an app. i’m trying to get a license prices seem reasonable just hard to reach someone at cme. I got cmedatasales@cmegroup.com. but no response yet.

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Ran into this issue as well. Tried to fill out the “Contact a Data expert” web form on the CME website to register as a data distributor and when I click the submit button it immediately shows an “error” message.

It’s hard to be a market participant using CME products when data access gets revoked and rules change out-of-the-blue like this.

Renewals are charged on the first day of the new month.

seems suspicious to break the machine after taking my quarter

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Here is a CME document that describes the licensing policy:

and the fee schedule for 2022: https://www.cmegroup.com/files/download/cme-market-data-fee-list-jan-2022.pdf

[edit: added the fee schedule link]


I found this in the FAQ section to be a bit interesting.

  1. I am a Non-Professional Subscriber and I utilize Semi-Automated Trading System. Do I need to license directly with CME for this use?

No, Non-Professional Subscribers license directly with the vendor for use of Information

Any ideas for alternative data providers while this gets sorted out?

Maybe CME wants people to use their own product: https://www.cmegroup.com/market-data/connect-data/cloud-mdp.html No idea on pricing yet…

This is on-par with licensing from official CME data distributors: https://www.cmegroup.com/market-data/license-data/licensed-market-data-distributors.html

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Does anybody know of an alternative for getting market data over a websocket?

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You can get basic data from TD Ameritrade completely free, but their websocket only updates every 500ms at fastest setting (default is 1000ms).

Python libs (can use just plain JS but idk any libs for it, I’m sure github has some):

Not nearly as nice as Tradovate’s API was but its reliable. Tradestation is another platform I’m kind of checking out but originally picked Tradovate over them and honestly I suspect to be running into the same problem there sooner than later.

Does anyone know exact requirements they are asking for? Has anyone got the CME Data Distribution license? If yes, please share contacts or email we need to reach out to.

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I emailed them at cmedatasales@cmegroup.com on Tuesday, but haven’t heard back yet. Like others in this thread, I kept getting an error message when trying to submit via their contact form.

Currently looking at ActiveTick https://www.activetick.com/