How to edit colors of custom indicators

Hello, I’ve downloaded a custom indicator and I would like to change the color. Unfortunately there isn’t a color picker options available. I would like to know how to change the hex color. I tried editing, but its read only. Thank you.

The way I have been able to navigate to most favored colors is to note the particular Hex code
xxxxxxx ( 6 fields control the Hex selection in addition to R 2 B additional adjustments- which I really am ignorant of- but copy once I find something I like!~:grinning: :grinning: ). Once I find one I like, I then copy it into another indicator. Example : I like to use the Slow Stochastic with 80/20 lines
the Slow %D has a particular magenta color I like so I use it on other occasions:
D002CB 208 2 200
Hex R 2 B

Hope that is somewhat helpful:
other than that like most nuances in the platform I am trial and error and autodidactic which means
slowly, slowly self-taught and isolated… (It would be great to get more "traders helping traders participation"on line similar to the thinkorswim community at, which is very active.

Best to U and all others investigating the custom indicators on Tradovate, both coders and non coders and hackers!