How Do I Get Open Trade Data With Symbols (STUCK 6 MONTHS) HELP!

I will be the first to admit that I do not have much of an idea when it comes to coding.

This doesnt stop me from trying to hack my way through with workarounds and low code platforms.

After a 8 month battle working with freelancers, I was finally able to map out a working version of my trading system.

Here is the problem that I have been stuck on for 6 months…

On the day before going live, I was wiring the last few nodes together in N8N. The only thing I needed to do was check the open trades on the account to see if the signal should open a trade, close a trade, or do both.

When I checked the Google Sheet that was supposed to have this information (Via API Call)… I realized that the Symbol and Direction where not part of the API Reponse for open trades/ list or whichever one gives you the list of trades.

It does not have a symbol, it does not if its a long or a short just a contract ID of some sort…

I need to be able to see “Symbol” " Long or Short" “Open Price” “Current Price”

Any hints on how I can get this information…

I have spoent hours staring at the docs and looking for videos…

What are fill pairs? Where is my master id? Why is this so hard?

Why cant there be an URL for All open trades? I feel like this should be one API call…I have been completely lost on this one and its hard to hire a free lancer when I can provide zero direction and I cant find anywhere in the docs that addresses this directly.

I really want to know why there are so many steps in order to get your account data.

It seems so basic, I cant believe this is where I got stuck after everything.

It seems so basic, it was an afterthought… What trades are open and are they long or short.

I still remember the day before I thought I was going live… when I noticed that the symbol was not included in the response.

I thought it would be another couple hours maybe… that was 6 months ago. Now, I havent been working on it straight through but after a few weeks over a hundred hours and aboput 6 freelancers…

Chat GTP inspired my attention back to this and not even Chat GTP 4 can figure out how to get a Symbol… the Symbol to the open trade.

There is no straightforward explanation in the API Docs there are no files in the examples… do people not need to check their account data?

I want to know why its like this… why? Why not include one more column with the Symbol of the contract, why is it buried in the contract id?

Why is retrieving open positions… like what is default screen information on most trading apps… Here is what you own, heres your P and L…

Why is it such a mission?

Hi Andres,
I think the API documentation is not very up to date and lacking.
I’m usually get inspired how to do things by spying the communication of their trader website using Network tab in browser. Their trader application is using the same API so you just need to see what methods they are calling with what parameters and what response is received on HTTP and websocket.

Wow… that is very smart. Thank you

Why not just listen to all syncservice messages?

When you start the syncservice, you get an enormous message that has all your user info, including positions. From there just run your bot and track your positions.