Help! I can not get market data in error code 100015

my program is work good since 2022-4 ,I use the is login,connect trade,demo market in websockt
but about in last month,I get some error code in get market data:

send:md/getChart body:{"symbol":"ESZ2","chartDescription":{"underlyingType":"Tick","elementSize":1,"elementSizeUnit":"UnderlyingUnits","withHistogram":false},"timeRange":{"asMuchAsElements":1}} error:{"s":100015,"ok":false,"event":false}

last week,is work good ,in this Tuesday,my program is can not get market data ,restart ,it get the 10015 error code
who can tell me ,what happend.and how can I fix it?
My API is Automatic renewal,I confirm in my email

Market data is subscribed

connect is single,is that problem?we will use one web client and program

please help me @Alexander @BWeis

has any body know the error code 100015 mean?
my Acount is good ,balance is great than $1000,and API right is good

the market data is subed

but the sub market data is bad since 11/01/2011

one cause guess by me is multy people login the account?
but now ,no body login ,the API can not sub market data with the error code 100015

SockeSync send:md/subscribeQuote body:{"symbol":"NQZ2"} error:{"s":100015,"ok":false,"event":false}

could be any other cause?
@Alexander @BWeis