Gold E-Mini (QO) Chart Not Displaying Correctly

I’m having a weird issue when viewing the Gold E-mini (QO) charts via Tradovate since I joined a year ago. It’s hard to explain other than than the candles look to be complete and the chart is full of wild gaps and spaces between candles on timeframes below the 1HR timeframe. The odd thing is that I do not have this issue when viewing the Gold E-Micro chart (MGC) nor any other chart (I also trade the ES and NQ). Lately i’ve had to trade on the Gold Micro chart but that doesn’t bring the return on money like the Gold E-Mini does. I have a screen shot of my chart on the 5-minute chart to show the odd behavior posted below, anyone else have this issue with the Gold E-Mini chart and know how to fix?

Am I seriously the only user experiencing this issue? Can someone - anyone - help at all?

I have the same problem? Just like gaps and dots etc no candles or when they do show up they aren’t normal. Did you get a fix?

No, nothing. Still having the same issue

I am having this same problem, have you figured anything out yet ?