Fractals Indicator

Fractals are important S/R as well as quick profit potential levels when broken. We need an “indicator” that displays fractals on our chart. I currently draw these by hand.

Aloha Bruce, this is a common request. The problem is to my knowledge we can’t apply an indicator (e.g. a dot) to a bar in the past. Because fractals require a check on bars that happen “in the future” i.e. the high is greater than the bar two from now, it does not work. @BWeis could possibly comment here as this would be useful for many other indicators.

Hi Dave,
Tradingview and many other platforms have this indicator so I suspect it can be done. The Tradingview source code is also available, which I have if that helps. No worries, I draw them by hand for now.

Hello @BWeis, I am new to tradovate. I am a javascript and am spending time learning the world of these indicators. Would you kindly point me towards a set of code that works on another platform. I currently write indicators and strategies for NinjaTrader.

Will this help? Using an offset? That’s what I use when making the Fractal indicator in TradingView.