Finish Implementing/Documenting meta.InputType.OHLC

I have noticed when coding custom indicators that the indicator will change based on the bar type chosen when using meta.InputType.BARS. If I use normal Candles/bars/line on the chart I get one value as output. If I switch to Heikin Ashi candles I get a different value with the indicator. I’m assuming there is a difference in the data stored for the different types of bars and I’d like indicator to be the same regardless of the type chosen. I’m also assuming that using meta.InputType.OHLC for the indicator would solve this issue. I’ve seen reference to it in the meta.js code, but when I try to implement it, it fails.

Ive also found this to be the case between time based vs non-time charts. The data is different.

Could this be because Heikin Ashi bars use averages (I think) for open and closes as opposed to regular candles?

That’s most likely the case, on TOS and other platforms I’ve written indicators on I haven’t had to worry about this because the indicator is uses normal OHLC data, not the heikin ashi averages. I was hoping the OHLC input type would solve this issue.