Receiving available indicators with Tradovate API

Is it possible to get the Indicators (e.g., WMA) or other chart types (e.g., Heikin Ashi) from Tradovate API?

Although you can’t request existing indicators, you can get varying chart types by changing your chart data’s underlyingType parameter. Try changing it to "MomentumRange" for Heiken Aishi, or "Renko" for Renko bars.

Dear @Alexander, as you can see in Tradovate API guides, underlyingType can be set to Tick, DailyBar, MinuteBar, Custom, DOM. The MomentumRange can be set in elementSizeUnit. However, I get the following error after setting up the elementSizeUnit to MomentumRange:

a[{"s":400,"i":3,"d":"{\"violations\":[{\"constraint\":\"elementSizeUnit\",\"value\":\"MomentumRange\",\"description\":\"Element Size Unit should be equal to ElementSizeUnit.UnderlyingUnits\"}]}"}]

What should I do to solve this problem? Could you please give me an example of getting 10 bars of Heikin Ashi candles for 1-minute bars?


Any update on this? Were you able to get the Heikin Ashi chart and associated indicators if any?