Changing the Input of an indicator

All indicators have this input tab in the settings

I can’t find anything within indicator code that shows where we can change this input. Is it possible to change the input of an indicator? For example, have a script make calculations based on ES values and transcribe that to MES.

In the module.exports object, look for the inputType property. It is probably set to something like meta.InputType.BARS. If you remove that, the UI will show you other options.

As for using ES with MES, I don’t think that is possible because the INPUT dropdown will only show the outputs of other indicators you have on the current chart (not workspace). I don’t think you can “randomly” reference another symbol’s data. Instead, if you also had like an EMA indicator on that chart, the input will say “ESZ2 5m” and “EMA” or something like that.

Appreciate the response and information LDT :facepunch:
I wasn’t aware you could use on indicator as the input for another. Thank you!