Envelope channel indicator with EMA setting

In the platform there is the category channels en in that the indicator Envelopes.
This however is with SMA setting.
I need one with EMA setting.

Is this available and if so how can I get in my desktop Tradovate tradingplatform?
If it isn’t available than what?
Programming myself is not an option.

There is a nice one in the community indicators section developed by Scott K. Search for “No Diddle” and you will find it. It also has an option where you can grey out areas that you don’t want to pay attention to.

It has EMA, SMA, Weighted, Hull, etc.

If this is your first time with community indicators: Go to the icon on the right that looks like 3 people & then search for No Diddle and click install. Once installed, you will find it under the channel category.

Hope this helps.


Thank you for the effort.
I fiddled around here for about an hour now and still don’t find what I am looking for.
Sadly I am klutz at this sort of things.
Frustrating for me to know that I can trade profitably in the long run but that I am not able to get a platform up and running the way I want it to.
Well no harm no foul.
After looking into the demo for less than one day I alreay know that this is not the one for me.
Thank God I don’t have to trade for a living. My stockportfolio tackels that part.
Long live dividends!