SuperDelta indicator

Just uploaded SuperDelta.

It allows you to view delta within the scope of total bid/ ask volume.
Plot 2 MAs to see delta change over time. (SMA is default, can select EMA in settings)
Use offsets to see above/ below average strength delta.
Turn on single axis mode to see bid/ ask volumes and MAs of bid/ ask volumes.

Should be adjusted for each instrument and chart type.

Hey, love the tool you’ve made,
you should check out the CME liquidity tool on CME’s website, someone as smart as you will enjoy using that tool as well.

Any chance you could make a Weis wave tool?

The scripts I’ve made were really to test strategies for myself, and I shared them as a byproduct because why not. But I don’t see myself testing additional strategies at the moment. If you really want one for tradovate, we can talk about payment.