Delta by Price Indicator

Would love this addition and think it would be extremely helpful for many users. The only community indicator that features this is currently not fully functional (doesn’t display live values correctly).

Something like this:

Thank you!

PS: Please would also love a transparency gradient for volume profiles :]

I would love to have a delta by price feature/indicator. The delta by price community indicator doesn’t seem to work with the new charts and I agree it’s not very functional on the legacy charts.


The picture in the example above is ideal. I just made an additional post becaus ethe one that was in community indicators is no longer there it appears. I still have applied to couple charts even though it is inaccurate as was, but will add it’s a great starting point, just needs to be fixed and arranged so it can be read in just a glance

We’re working on creating one internally with the Custom indicators and will share it (and the code) with the community


Can’t wait!!!

I’d be more than happy to donate some $$$ for this. Please keep on it.

Thx for improving the platform

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Thats amazing, thank you soo much…ive been wanting this for awhile

Super excited for this. It would be nice if the indicator had the “Tick width” setting so we can combine bars and each bar isnt stuck at 1 tick width(main issue with the current Bid Ask charts!!!)


im with sethmo on this…would love to have the ability to adjust the tick width on both

any idea when this will be out?

We should be releasing this indicator by late December or early January.


On Monday you’ll be able to preview the Delta by Price indicator on the Trader Web Application. It will not be released for the standalone versions just yet, but we will continue to update this thread as those versions are rolled out.


Will this indicator start at a certain time or have that option? (I.E. reset every day at 930am when RTH opens)

Thank you for the updates :slight_smile: Really excited to try this feature out!

It’s fully customizable - it even has options to start yesterday (5pm - 6pm like ES). You can pick whatever open hour and minutes you like, same for market close.

awesome, are you able to customize the tick size as well?

No it just considers each individual tick, this way each price level can have an accurate delta. So basically its locked on a per-tick size.

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Also, this allows it to work well on all timeframes, as well as on tick charts and volume charts. It takes advantage of volume profiles of each bar to gather historical data and updates on the latest bar in real-time.

well you certainly have me excited to try it out. I really appreciate the info

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Very excited to test the horizontal delta; I’m attaching some NQ pictures with an example of why customizable size may be useful

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Before this hits standalone, I’ll try to release an update that allows you to specify some level of grouping by price. I realize on NQ and other contracts with high price-volatility you’ll have to zoom in pretty far to get a good idea of supports/resistances and what’s happening on the price line.


awesome, thats exactly what i was looking for in customization. I trade NQ and this was my concern about having to be zoomed in too much. I appreciate your hard work Alexander.