Code me please - EMA Offset

I are coding dumb.

Can someone put me an offset (+/- tick or price, whatever’s easier) on the built in EMA indicator?

Will buy coffees. Thanks.

So you just want to enhance the EMA indicator with an option to draw the line at a static distance away from the calculated EMA value?

And how many coffees are we talking about?

Yep. Standard ema with offset option to enter ticks, positive or negative, to offset the plotted line. If you can get real fancy it’d be nice to be able to turn off the original plot line.

You tell me what you’d desire for such a elaborate project and I’ll let you know if it’s in my market.

I wrote it myself already on Pinescript…but the order entry to Tradovate seems to lag too much so trying to do it all on Tradovate.

Thanks for the help.

Gotcha. I will send you a private message.