Coder Here Taking Your Script Request

There is a lack of indicators for Tradovate, a problem I can help fix.

I am an advanced Javascript coder, with many professional years of experience. I am also a trader, also with many years of experience. This makes me the perfect person to help fix the lack of indicators here.

The question is whether taking the time to write and backtest a code will be financially worth my time.

So my simple question is what price range (from what amount to what amount) would you be willing to pay, per indicator? That is from a simple moving average crossover to a complex/expert Higher-Low Mean Reversion (sell off of day open or HOD etc), what monetary amount is it worth to you?

Honestly, we coders have historically been underpaid and I will not continue that trend. But, I also want to be of help to my fellow traders. Hence, what money/dollar range would you think is fair to pay for an indicator? For a simple or a range for an advanced indicator (built and backtested specific for Tradovate Javascript)?

(Not sure if this is against the rules, but my intention is to help this community, just not for free. I read the FAQ forum policy and this post does not break any rules but Mods please let me know.)

Still available for coding something?

Hi Jeff: Quite frankly I am torn between 2 opposite feelings about the general situation about paying a coder to specifically detail out the mathematical algorithms that I have interest in tracking so I can see it on a graphic user interface like Tradovate. Essentially the question of coding is going to be replaced by large natural language AI interface within a matter of a few years for almost anybody. I am trained in statistics and model designs but due to my age and my inclination I do not create code. I borrow bits and pieces and cut and paste a lot. As for monetary reward for your coding skills, I get it. As to the amount of actual compensation based on time spent, if I were to request your services, it would have to be negotiated… It’s all about supply and demand as well as time restraints. Best of Luck in your own journey… I am sincere when I say I appreciate your energy and will keep you in mind for any future needs…