DOM - Traded Last Quantity - Accumulate


In a future release can you please add the ability to show Last Quantity Traded - Accumulated. Currently it shows Last Quantity Traded. Watching the histogram in a fast market is not ideal to tell when hundreds of lots are trading before ticking up or ticking down.

Example: ESZ20 if trading at 3511.25 offer - 1 lot last traded quantity. But while at 11.25 offer 132 total lots traded before the price ticked up or ticked down. Once off the price the accumulated is set back to zero. This is similar to how SierraChart, JigSaw, and TT do it.

Thank You.

I second this. I actually came to the forum to post this request. The JigSaw style DOM provides very valuable information. The Tradovate DOM is very fast and reliable; with this feature added, this could be the best DOM out there. This also basically removes the need to look at the tape, which frees up more screen space.

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