Depth of Market - Change increments


Is it possible to change the increments of the price in the DOM? For example, ESU0 is in .25 tick increments but I would like the increment to be 1 tick in the DOM.

So it would be,

  • 3200
  • 3201
  • 3202

Currently it’s,

  • 3200
  • 3200.25
  • 3200.50

For someone that trades through the DOM, having small increments makes trading a pain sometimes.


Hi Subspace,

We used to have a function like you are referring to when we offered prices on GDAX cryptos a few years back. We removed this setting once we shut down that feed. Was this what you had in mind?

Yes, I would like something like this for Indexes such as the ES or MES. Some people might not care for .25 increments and want larger sizes.