Correlate TPO Periods to Other Charts

This indicator will give users of TPO charts a way to quickly and easily visually correlate the TPO periods with their other charts. For example if someone also uses a 30 minute chart then the indicator prints a letter for each TPO period at the top and bottom of the candle or bar etc. If, for example, you use a 5 min chart the indicator would print a TPO letter at the beginning of the period above the first 5 min candle and print the same letter underneath the 6th candle (30 mins) before also printing the next TPO period letter above the next candle.

The Indicator simply prints a letter at the open and close of each (30 minute) TPO period on non-TPO charts.

  1. Print a user definable letter (can be a drop down menu referencing a list of lettersa la the TPO options menu) (to be correlated with TPO setting by the user) at the initiation of each TPO period. i.e. at 9:30 am EST an “A” is printed a user definable offset distance ABOVE the current period.

    1. Also print the same user definable letter BELOW the column at the close of the (30 min) period.
  2. Have user definable market open/close, text color and size, shift location of text, add session with newly definable open/close as well as newly definable text to print to correlate to other sessions on the user’s TPO chart

    1. Ability for user to add an additional session with newly configurable text and timeframe

This seems like it shouldn’t be very labor intensive but what the heck do I know.

Thank you for reading and considering!