Combine/Replace Tradeovate Web Based DOM with Jigsaw Daytradr level of detail

Could we get a more in-depth/feature rich version of the Tradeovate DOM?

I use Jigsaw Daytradr and when I am forced to use a very basic DOM, it forces chart trading only. This may not seem like a concern until you try Jigsaw, then after a little while you realize just how much you were missing in a basic DOM and chart.

Web based would serve a couple purposes:

  1. Provide a more rounded trading platform for Tradeovate users
  2. Provide more cross-platform options to attract a wider audience
  3. Potentially bridge a gap by fleshing out the web version of Daytrader, opening the door to training and resource sharing between two good companies (Jigsaw has some great training and partnerships BTW)
  4. Raise the bar in the type of user that would consider Tradeovate for higher volume trading

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