API usage question - automatic reverse position

I am looking for an api that will enable a automatic reverse position when a stop is triggered….so stop and reverse capability
Is one available

It sounds like you may be looking for an order-sends-order (OSO) order type. If you open the Order Ticket module, you can see at the top of the tab that there is a toggle. Switch the toggle on to activate advanced order types. From there you can tailor your entry order and triggered order as you wish.

If you are looking for an endpoint in our REST API, we do provide one to do this - order/placeOSO. You may also be interested in brackets strategies. Brackets strategies consist of basically two parts - the entry order, and any number of ‘brackets’ or predefined orders, often based on which direction the market moves.

You can check out the API docs on placeOSO here, and you can look at the startOrderStrategy docs here.

I’d advise reviewing those order types as well before jumping into using them via the API.

Hello, do you have the code for automatically reversing orders? I’m interested in developing an API that does so.

What I’m attempting to accomplish is to automatically reverse my orders up to six times once they reach my entry target.

Many thanks.