OSO order in API


Is it possible to send the attached order using API?

Appreciate if you could provide the sample code for the order. Thank you!

@Alexander I wonder if you might be able to help with this. Appreciate it. Thank you!

Hi @fin1,

Check out this section of the documentation.

You can add as many brackets objects as you like, so for each of your targets you’d have a separate object. If you want them to be SL or TP only, include only one of the stopLoss or profitTarget fields instead of both.

Hope that helps!

Hi @Alexander ,

Thanks for the response. To follow up, I’m getting 404/undocumented response on the call to startorderstrategy API call, with the below endpoint and request payload.
Could you please help? I was able to recreate this from your API portal site as well (Tradovate API)


Authorization: Bearer ***
Content-Type: application/json

“accountId”: ,
“accountSpec”: "
“symbol”: “MESZ1”,
“orderStrategyTypeId”: 1,
“action”: “Buy”,
“params”: “{ “entryVersion”: { “orderQty”: 3, “orderType”: “Stop”, “stopPrice”: 4533.00, }, “brackets”: [{ “qty”: 1, “profitTarget”: 1, “stopLoss”: 0.25 }, { “qty”: 3, “stopLoss”: 0.75 } ]}”,
“uuid”: “82dee86c-353a-11ec-8d3d-0242ac130003”,
“customTag50”: “strat01”

Response received: 404 (undocumented)

Appreciate your help and guidance with this. Thank you!

Hi @fin1,

Currently, there is only one valid value for orderStrategyTypeId, and that value is 2. Try changing that parameter first and see if that fixes it.