activationTime in API orders

I’m sending an OSO order via API. It contains entries for bracket1 and bracket2. bracket1 is a simple limit order with a price. bracket2 is a stop with a stopPrice and an activationTime. I was hoping that the bracket2 wouldn’t become “active” until the activationTime I’m passing in (a couple minutes into the future). However, it doesn’t seem to have any effect.

Does anyone have any insight into this? Experience, etc. that they could pass on?

Hey @skwasha, the activationTime field only applies to the main body of the order object. The brackets shouldn’t have activationTime properties on their own.

Ah, bummer. So, to accomplish something like that I would have to send a new order request at the later time? If I do so, is there anyway to tie the new order to the previous one (basically make the new order act as bracket2 of the first order)?