API Access for retail traders

Currently, Tradovate offers API access to 3rd parties.

Allow retail traders to access the Tradovate API

I see this feature marked planned, which is great; I also noticed this site live: https://api.tradovate.com/ but never saw any formal announcement about the API being live. Have you officially made it live? What is required for retail traders to create their own apps and generate credentials? Do we need to request access, API specific credentials, etc?

Many thanks.

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Hi @Jackson_Graves

While we’re finalizing the documentation (and it is viewable publicly) and samples/tutorials, we have not yet released all of the underlying pieces to allow users to request keys for access, manage key permissions, get support, etc. We’re a few weeks out from having all of that complete and available for users.

Access key generation and permissions for those keys will all be managed through the trading platform.

We will make some formal announcements when we finalize the timing

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Great to hear, exciting stuff. Thank you!


When published, is the API intended to be used by retail exclusively external to Tradovate (ie, say you build a Python app to use the API) or will it also support automated trading directly within Tradovate or in a custom indicator?

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External to Tradovate.

We do have some plans on allowing strategy automation within Tradovate as well. We have some interesting ideas about how to allow users to leverage some of the tools and capabilities of our Google Cloud infrastructure as part of that. Its a bigger project, but something we’re planning on delivering.


Hi Brian – thanks for the information. Is there a date we can expect authentication requests to be permitted by your servers? I reached out to support a few times this week about my access key requests getting denied because I’ve been doing a lot of coding based on the documentation thats already released (thought it was live based off this), and never heard back, so this post makes a lot of sense. just wanted to let you know that this is a very highly anticipated feature, so an expected date would be fantastic. regardless, thanks so much for making this available to tradovate customers. once this is finalized, tradovate will undoubtedly be the best broker there is! thanks again

Hi All –

Is there a planned date for release of the API to retail traders? I’ve seen several different answers ranging from “its imminent” to no statement of expected time frame. Just wondering what to expect!


At this point our degree of precision on the date is in Q2. We will keep updating as the final release timing is set


Hey Brian —

thanks for the info. Very excited and looking forward to this feature. Thanks again for being so receptive and responsive.


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Hey Brian
I have built a model using TT’s API which uses C# and would like to convert it over to yours when it become available.

Will the retail API be in C#?

Kind regards

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The API is not written in C# but we have a set of samples written in C# which you will be able to reference


Kent it looks like the entire API revolves around GET/POST requests, which you should be able to do in any language

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Wow! this is great news, I would fund my account as soon this is available! Please do use something like swagger so we get multi-lang example code and such, if not atleast c# and python.

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they’ve preemptively posted the API documentation to allow everyone to get at least somewhat aware of what’s going on before credentialing is officially authorized. it’s been a little while since i’ve looked at it, but i’m pretty sure swagger is included. you can check it out at api.tradovate.com

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Hi, I am a developer and opened trial account to use the API for building an application. I put me user name and password to get the Access Token but it is return me error message with invalid user name or password. "Incorrect username or password. Please try …

Can you help me please ?

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We’re finalizing the pieces to allow users to generate and permission keys. You can view a little bit about our plan here:

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Thanks for the information!!!


API Hype! the fan club is growing.

Great to hear!

Be looking for an announcement on this in the next couple weeks.