Allow one to pick the day time period starting hour

This is a request based on an issue I had seen here:

I would like to request that users can pick the hour in which the day time periods begins to calculate new candles. Right now, it is hard coded to start at midnight CST. This is fine for future markets that have minimal movement overnight, but markets like the ES and NQ can have significant movement from the 5pmCST open and onward. I simply would like to keep the entire session inside a single daily candle instead of it being split at midnight.

This is really confusing. I’m watching a new daily time period candle plot at 5pm CST like I actually want right now, but when I hover over older daily candles they snap to midnight on a lower timeframe chart also in view. This is why I thought new candles start at midnight. The new daily candle plotting now is also labeled as July 16 even though it is still July 15. So I guess I’m good?!