Ytc candle sentiment

If anyone is familiar with lance beggs ytc concepts they may know how he looks at candle sentiment.
I found tiki candle trend and was pleased as it covered part of the candle analysis. However another part is missing and that is:

  1. Close Sentiment
    This is single-candle analysis. Divide entire range of a candle (low to high) into 3 equal parts. The candle is:
  • “High Close” - if ‘close’ is in the upper 1/3
  • “Mid Close” - if ‘close’ is in the middle 1/3
  • “Low Close” - if ‘close’ is in the lower 1/3

Someone programed a version over at trading view here, YTC Candlestick Sentiment — Indicator by Peter_O —

Having the sentiment as a paint bar near the candle might help to keep focus on price action, which is the entire point of lances candle sentiment. Not sure if this is possible was just curious. Thanks