Tiki Candle Trend-Customize/Change Wick and Outline Color

@tikidave - you had put this indicator together for me a bit ago. I was wondering how difficult it would be to make the color of candle wicks, and candle body outlines, customizable? As currently constructed, all parts of the candle are the same color. Updating these values through the “Configure Chart Elements” -> “Chart Editor” menu does nothing when the Tiki Candle Trend indicator is applied. Thanks!


Really all I am looking for is to make the candle-body outlines and wicks a light grey so that they are easier on the eyes. I’ve searched to see if I could find the javascript command that specifies the wick and outline colors, but have not been able to find anything. If anyone knows if that is possible, I’d appreciate it!


To my knowledge we can only color the entire bars, but I agree it would be nice to have more flexibility.

Gotcha. Thanks for responding!


@tikidave Would it be possible to add some type of plot above/below a bar based on this,

  1. Close Sentiment
    This is single-candle analysis. Divide entire range of a candle (low to high) into 3 equal parts. The candle is:
  • “High Close” - if ‘close’ is in the upper 1/3
  • “Mid Close” - if ‘close’ is in the middle 1/3
  • “Low Close” - if ‘close’ is in the lower 1/3
    This would be a perfect fit with your tiki candle trend indicator that I am really enjoying.

Yep you can plot dots etc above or below candles. Not following what you’re thinking here though, like a different color dot? Maybe Red (low close) Yellow (mid) Green (high close)?