Heikin Ashi candle color control

Is it possible to have an overlay indicator created to change the color of a candle when it forms a particular way?

I want to be able to control the color of Heikin Ashi candle when it is considered strongly directional. when price movement is strong Heikin Ashi candles only print a wick on one side of the candle, when price is more indecisive it prints wicks on both sides of the candle. When the Candle prints with one wick on one side i want to be able to control the color for quick glance clarity. Unless you are zoomed in on Heikin Ashi charts you can miss Candles with small double wicks.

Hey @latter-day-trader do you have any experience with this?

Is this even possible with Tradovate’s Java Script?


Yes, you should be able to. I didn’t implement your logic, but I have other candle coloring indicator and it seems to work on a Heikin Ashi chart. Here is a snippet you can use modify at the end of your map() function:

        // return a blank object as default
        let rtn = {};
        // put your conditions for coloring 
        if (!d.isLast() && (buy || sell)) {
            // if conditions are met, set you color
            const color = buy ? this.props.BuyColor : this.props.SellColor;

            // this is where the coloring of the candlestick actually happens
            rtn["candlestick"] = { color: color };
        return rtn;