Is there an add-on that shows how many ticks each candlestick has?

Looking for it to show how many ticks the candlestick has after it’s printed in real-time.


Are you looking for a Tick counter to see how many ticks are left on the current candle before the next candle starts?

Im looking for an indicator that shows the size of each current bar in ticks. Does the exist?

Sorry, I’m not sure i fully understand what you are asking. Is there another platform that has what you are requesting that you can grab some screen shots from to help clarify this request?

You know how each candlestick has a certain amount of points/ticks in it? I’d like an indicator that shows it when im using a candlestick as my signal bar to enter a trade. I want to make sure it’s not too big making my risk amount large

Sounds like you want an indicator that shows the range of the candle. If so, i don’t know of any indicators that do that for each candle, but you might be able to get the info you want by use the ATR (average true range) indicator and turn the “period” parameter down to “1”.

Good luck