Volume Profile Based Support Resistance Levels

How hard would this be to do? Right now with the pre-existing Volume Profile indicator we can plot the POC and value area lines, but it simply isn’t enough to trade with. Below is an image of what I do daily with rectangles set to plot a ray instead of a simple shape. I simple just look for volume clusters and draw a rectangle there.

As you can see, this is all you really need to see where price will likely stall or reverse. It does however become cumbersome throughout the day because volume clusters expand or new ones form and I have to manually change it all myself and this distracts from actual trading.

I use rectangles instead of just lines because volume tends to cluster in an area instead of a single price, but plotting multiple lines would have a similar effect.

I think just having a way to trigger multiple lines to plot instead of a single POC is what is needed. There could be some sort of a threshold to avoid false signals.