Rolling Volume Profile

I don’t know if this is possible currently. I haven’t been able to find it. Is there a way to pin a finite amount of time in the Volume Profile (either “indicator” or “Drawing tools”) The data, after a certain period of time becomes worthless to the user as time wears on and trading happens, but it competes with data that’s a few hours old (for example).

Example: Volume Profile is set to only show the volume in the last 2 hours with POC…

There is the Indicator: Volume Profiles which does a great job of mapping the day or week. Is there a way to fork that or add to it a dropdown for “custom time”?

If something like this doesn’t exist, can someone link me the page on how to create my own?

Doesn’t this kind of miss the point of using a VP? The idea is you want to see what happened to volume at that previous timeframe, if it gets wiped you are driving blind when/if price returns to that level. And as volume is building in your say 2 hours from the POC time frame you can see later that these levels are important to buyers/sellers. Just my 2 cents.

Great question. I see your point.
I’m an intraday trader. Having a VP that rolls with the day gives me an idea of where major volume has stepped in just recently. Theory being an indicator for market shifts and/or larger fish closing positions to mark the end of a trend.

They have it on Tradingview, the trading apparatus on Tradingview is lightyears behind the chart trading in Tradovate. Wanted to stick with one program.