Understanding Ticks, Trading the DOM

Check my understading, just trying to learn…

If I open one lot on the ten year, and close that with a 1 tick profit, then I have gained the value of one tick minus fees. In this case the ZN has a tick value of $15.63, so I profit $15.63 minus fees.

And if I traded 10 lots and made one tick on the ten year that would be $156.30 minus fees.

On the five year, tick value is $7.81 so I am making $7.81 on a one lot trade that has one tick profit.

Tradovate has a 770 day margin on the 10 year, and an initial margin of 1540. Do I need 770 or 1540 to open a one lot trade? And if I open a 10 lot trade, does that increase by 10, I think so.