How much do Futures Trade with?

Or how much do you feel comfortable with this Company for ?
Have you ever had to call them and did you get some one ?

what is the standard amount most of you put in your account:

is there a 4 x margin like day trading or something different./?

I just loaded 300 up and day traded 1 to 3 mes contracts?

$300 dollars ? Do you get margin to help buy more contracts

it’s futures? it’s all on margin…

You should find a youtube video to explain the technicals…
You need to understand the required day margin and overnight margin…

during the day you would buy one contract… min margin needed is 50. you need more than the min margin so you don’t get liquidated… if the trade goes against you you lose money until you sell/buy back or run out of money and get popped…

you also need to understand the difference between the products… mes 1.25 a tick vs es 12.50 a tick…

they aren’t going to steal your money. (can’t speak for the market thought haha) i’ve put in around 7k before. was up to around 14k at one point… you can infer the rest.