Twitter news feed from popular news providers

Hi There,

It will be really and really helpful if we can see twitter news feed in news section.It should be configurable.

I will follow Reuters business , CNBC, Bloomberg on my twitter.So Tradovate should have feature where I can login into twitter account via Tradovate and show twitter news feed in news section.
This really helps take immediate steps some time when there is a macro news, geopolitical news. This kind if feature is already implemented other futures trading apps. Please and please we need this feature.

This would be a great challenge for an aspiring Tradovate API developer (Although it wouldn’t end up being a part of the Tradovate Trader UI, it’d have to be a separate app).

This doesn’t sound super complicated, twitter has a public facing API as well I’m pretty sure. Here’s some bonus features that I think anyone who wants to build this should include:

  • interface to add or remove accounts from your feed (so you only get relevant stuff)
  • option to open a new twitter account for this app (again so you only get relevant stuff)
  • separate social and news: social would include your non-business following/followers, news would include only certain accounts’ feeds (like Reuters, CNBC, Bloomberg).

The app could then be multifold - it would ultimately be a very socially-forward trading platform where you’d see live updates about both news as well your peers’ activities, plus the ability to share your own activities.

Just some thoughts for the API developers’ community :wink:

Sir, Are you implementing this feature?

Yes, this helps to post Tradovate trades on twitter, where traders does alot of search on twitter.It also helps tradovate marketing.

This feature will helps currently I need to move head to see other monitors which has news, and move back head to trading monitor to place trade in according to news… which takes atleast 1+ second and move the mouse cursor.By this times futures move fast and we can not enter. just letting you know I did 400 trades today , account number v4555. On average I make 200 trades per day… based on macro news, geopolitics news from around the world. Please we need this feature.

@Sri, I am not actively implementing this. I was just musing about the possibility of a trader assistant application that would work this way. Just hoping to encourage some folks to play with this idea as a Tradovate API project.