Transparency Gradient for Volume Profiles

I am hoping that transparency gradients could be added for volume profiles parameters in order to help minimize the color clashing that happens when one has candlesticks/bars or whatever overlaid with them.

The color selections as is make it difficult to find colors that are easy to discern… a transparency gradient for the volume profile would be perfect for those of us who like to have ticks overlapping the volume profile for sake of chart space. Of course one can move one’s chart time frame backwards in order to not have the newest wick/tick overlapping the edge of a volume profile, but it means less historical data is available in the chart box. So hopefully this is a simple feature to add and many would find it helpful. Thank you!

edit: And since it’s really similar, could a transparency gradient be added to the parameters of a chart’s “Price Levels” such as the Last Trade Price, High Price, Low Price, etc? And to make it so that those lines could be dashed, hyphenated, or dotted etc? Would again be a nice update for those who like having those reference levels visible, but don’t want it visually obscuring actual tick, candle, or other data on a graph. As things are they can sometimes get in the way visually.