Tradingview cant trade the symbol!

I connected my tradovate account on tradingview.
But today i got a-message that says that i cant Trade the symbol CME_mini nqh2024 , at tradingview via tradovate.
And yet i was trading on the same symbol for months.
How can i fix it ?

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I had the same experience this morning, April 1. Tradovate’s web platform allows trading but TradingView does not, and, TradingView shows the open positions and equity of a trade which I open on the Tradovate web platform.

The only thing that changed this morning is that I went from a TradingView evaluation to a TradingView paid account.

Unfortunately, since you did not get a reply for 30 days, I assume I will not get a reply here either.

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Did someone come up with a solution for this, i got the same problem today when gong from trial to real account.