Can't use Tradingview anymore

Hello everyone i have a issue with the tradovate plateform.

I’m currently passing a test on a propfirm “Topstep” my Topstep account is linked to Tradovate and allowed me to use the Tradovate Plateform.

But i prefer to use Tradingview by habit.
Here is my problem, i wanted to log in the tradovate account on tradingview but it doesn’t work. I have a notification saying that i have to entitled Tradingview on the Tradovate plateform, wich i did a few months.

Well so i follow this
But here is where i cant’ progress anymore. In the add on section on the plateform the TradingView part is not there, so i can’t use Tradingview anymore.

I have contacted the support of Tradovate and currently waiting for a reply. I’m just asking here if someone knew how to fix that maybe ?

Here is a pic of the add on section in tradovate

Anyone has an idea ?