Trading Plans

I just wanted to see if someone has done the math as well to see how many contracts would benefit someone between the 3 trading plans that is offered.
I did the rough calculation based on 1000 contracts monthly for the MES for the Membership free vs Active Trade, and it it almost the same, considering the $99 for the active plan.
However, if someone trades 100 contracts of the ES instead, the membership free plan is much more beneficial than the Active trader plan, and the membership free plan.
I wanted to see if any one has tried the 3 different plans and compared them for the different tickers. ES, MES, etc

Your opinions are welcome

If I’ve got my math right, the formula to calculate the breakeven contracts is:

(Difference between Monthly Plan Cost)/(2x difference between commission per side))

For example for ES Free vs Active

ES Active vs Commission Free

ES Free vs Commission Free

In other words:
If you trade less than 83 contracts, you’re better off on the free plan
If you trade between 83 and 126, you’re better off on the active plan.
If you trade more than 126 contracts, you’re better off on the commission free plan.

Don’t bother comparing Active vs Commission Free breakeven.


I am sure the math is the same as MES
We are missing the Exchange fees, those are steep for some reason…