Trader mobile issues/suggested features

The only way to vertically zoom the chart in Trader mobile is to pinch-to-zoom on the price rail. Please reconfigure pinch-to-zoom on the chart itself so that a horizontal pinch zooms the chart on the time axis and a vertical pinch zooms the chart on the price axis. This will make it much easier to zoom in on the chart by completing one gesture instead of two.

Currently, when you try to view any of the reports in Trader mobile, it defaults to the current calendar day. Please change it so that it defaults to the current trading day such that when the next trading day’s session starts, the report for that day will be generated instead of the previous trading day. For example, if it was Monday at 2 pm ET and I wanted to view the performance report for that day, the app would default to Monday. However, if it was Monday at 6 pm ET and I wanted to view the performance report for Tuesday (i.e. the current trading day), I would have to change the date to Tuesday before generating the report. Small, but annoying issue…

Whenever you add a new indicator to the bottom of the chart and you want to resize it, it stretches the aspect ratio of the indicator above it. Please make it so that the aspect ratio of adjacent indicators stays fixed while adjusting the aspect ratio of any other indicator. Also, please add the option to rearrange the order of the indicators on the chart and on the “configure chart elements” screen by pressing and holding on an indicator.

Please add the option to edit an existing order from the chart by tapping on the order in the price rail. Currently, if I wanted to change a stop to a trailing stop, for example, I would have to cancel and re-enter the order. Also, please add a module or menu bar icon to edit open orders.

If possible, it’d be nice to see the “join bid” and “join ask” buttons added alongside the “buy mkt” and “sell mkt” buttons. Seems like there would be enough room to fit all four buttons in one row.