TPO charts: Hide / show defined sessions

Love the support for user-defined sessions on the TPO charts. It would be really nice to add a way to hide a certain session without deleting it.

The use case is that I have an ETH and RTH session defined. Right now if I want my TPO chart to just show RTH, I have to go and delete the ETH session from the configuration. It would be awesome if I could just hide it instead, but still have it defined… even just hiding at the config level would be good, but would be especially nice if possible from a context menu on the chart itself…

That said, the workaround for me right now is just to have two TPO charts that I switch back and forth from… one with the ETH session and one without. So not a huge deal, but might not be a big reach to allow hiding from the config, so you can use one chart (with all your drawings, levels, other stuff) for both views (ETH + RTH, and also just RTH)