The VPOC of each bar (the price with the highest volume)

VPOC for each bar is available for community now, feel free to use it. You can adjust the box width depends on the future contract you trade. Special thanks to @paidtofade for creative ways with drawing.

Volume point of control(VPOC), refers to the price at which the highest volume of trading occurred.
This indicator will calulate VPOC in real time for each bar

boxColor: The color of the box around VPOC
boxWidth: Depends on your chart type, box width is adjustable for best view
lineOpacity: The transparency of lines
lineWidth: The thickness of lines

Rectangle box around VPOC for each bid/ask bar


This is awesome work! Bravo!

Thanks for the shout out.



@Sanjay How do you turn off the volume bars? Red/Green? Running it on a Tick Chart - Never traded Range Charts…

Your question has nothing to do with VPOC indicator, it’s the default setting of bid/ask volume bar that you need to change. Check how here -->

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Thanks Sanjay much appreciated…

I would be interest to hear how you apply it to your trading using range bars. The image below is interesting on a time based 30 min. I believe it shows strong selling pressure for the move down. That incrementally lets up.