Super simple indicator request

I would like to color my candlesticks by delta.

I don’t think that would be hard to program. I would if I could.

It would be great to have a gradient function where the bars are colored more brightly red or green the closer to 100% negative or positive delta. And they would fade to a base color of yellow or something if the bar is delta neutral.

And maybe an option to plot the gradient based on volume.

I know I could use footprints, but this would be much simpler and cleaner for a zoomed out view.

Someone make it happen please.


Heya @ekb, could you add a little more to your request? When you say 100%, do you mean 100% of up vs down volume in a single bar? Do you have an example of this on another platform?

Hey Tikidave! I like your stuff.
Funny story, I posted that a month ago as my first post on this forum, and then my account was mysteriously put on hold until right now. Had to message the admins. But anyway since then, I have already created the delta candle indicator and others, and will eventually be sharing them. It would have definitely helped to get some input from some java pros, but whatayagonnado.

PS Is there any way to view the native volume profile indicator code? I have an idea for something.

Nice, yeah I was a bit late treading your post. I’ve wanted to see the code of that tool as well! We should both ask about it, then they’ll know there is interest here.

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Hey, a question:
Is it possible to remove community indicators once submitted and update with a new/ alternate version? Or are they set in stone.

You should be able to click on your shared indicator and update it when you make changes to the code. A limitation is it doesn’t seem to let you add files.