Sign In with Google on macOS app

Sorry if this isn’t the right place to post this, but I’ve hit a dead end with Tradovate support.

I know there is an option to Sign In with Google on the macOS desktop version of the Tradovate Trader application. However I’m getting an error every time I tried to login with Google. Seems like the webview used in the pop up is no longer supported by Google (screenshots attached).

Just wanted to confirm if this is just an issue on my end. If so, what can I try to troubleshoot. And if not, can this be fixed in a future version of the macOS desktop app?

Google sign in has been working on the web platform so I’ve just been using that, but I’d like to try out the macOS desktop version as well.

I’ve made sure I’m on the latest version of Tradovate Trader as well as latest macOS.

When I click on Learn More in the error I see the following in the attached screenshot. Seems like the web view used by the app is no longer supported by Google?