Segmented Line Tool

I’d like a tool that allows me to draw something like a zig/zag easily. Currently, I think you have to draw 3 separate lines (or duplicate a line 2 additional times). So, I’m looking for something that starts drawing and then each click creates a pivot point.

We will be adding a “Multiline” tool to the drawing tools:

Which will allow you to draw multi-segment lines

We will be introducing the same concept to drawing closed shapes as well


Perfect! That should work…Thanks. When do you plan on releasing it?

It won’t be with this weekends release. At this point the release next Friday (05/07/21) is the target.

There is a Multi-point shape tool introduced under drawing tools:

Which will allow for ad hoc multiple point drawings

Nice :slight_smile: That can come in handy!

I can confirm this will be in version 1.210430.0 which will be released to the web version on the night of 05/07/2021