Reverse Order not working Tradingview (Autoview)


I am executing syntax via Autoview on Tradingview to automate my orders. For some reason, when I use the c=position syntax, I get the following error message on the Autoview Log page - - Error: Symbol is inaccessible and it logs me out from my Tradovate account on Tradingview.

Please help!

The syntax I am using is as follows:

Close Position and reverse your order

This example below shows us how to tell Autoview to close the previous position before opening the opposite (reversed)

Long Position

e=tradovatesim s=MESZ2 b=short c=position t=market
e=tradovatesim s=MESZ2 b=long q=1 t=market

Reversed Short Position

e=tradovatesim s=MESZ2 b=long c=position t=market
e=tradovatesim s=MESZ2 b=short q=1 t=market

For some reason when using the =position syntax, it logs me out from the Tradovate account on Tradingview.

Please help to rectify this error. Many thanks.

Kind Regards,